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Companies require a talent management program to be able to acquire and retain talent. Our approach incorporates a process that helps with attracting and developing critical talent in the organization as well as ensuring their commitment.

Recruitment and Talent Hunting

The process of recruiting mighty talents who are highly productive in their own fields is a task based on human resources expertise and experiences. We will help you to create the best team possible that are aligned with your desired culture at the right time and with a reasonable cost.

Learning and Development

Human resources training with the goal of developing individual and interpersonal skills is an ongoing process for companies that value talent development. At nouava we help you to grow and develop your team by holding workshops and trainings in different areas such as leadership and management, communication, conflict management, interview and recruitment skills.

Compensation and Benefit

Motivating human resources needs a well designed Compensation and Benefit system and this results into a better recruitment, maintaining and training human resources. We at nouava will help you to analyze payment in relevant markets, creating job rankings and designing a reward system to provide you a fair and competitive payment option.

Talent Management

We are ready to help you to achieve your vision by taking a new approach towards talent management with using new methods like Succession and Drawing a career path that will lead to Increasing commitment and organizational affiliation.

Performance Management

We at Nouava will help you to obtain an indicator for measuring achievements alongside to determining how individual and team goals are achieved and measuring them in specific time periods to create a better measurement for goal realization. Through the provision of regular feedback, this process will lead to improved organization performance in the long run.

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