Business Analytics

Competing in a data-driven world
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As an entrepreneur, you need key financial information readily available in order to make decisions about your business. our experience is a winning strategy to help you thrive throughout your entire business cycle: start-up, growth, maturity and succession.

Data Flow & Data Structure

Every analysis needs well-structured and well-stored data. To reach the proper data structure, one has to identify necessary reports and outputs and the collect the required data to avoid data deficiency or data inaccuracy.

Business Intelligence

The most tangible outputs of any business’s data are comprehensive real-time dashboards reporting the most vital metrics in various domains for internal and external stakeholders. These dashboards alongside with ad-hoc reporting (e.g. to measure the success of a certain marketing campaign) are the best tools in order to create a data-driven culture within the company.

Customer Analytics

Having a thorough knowledge of the market is the most basic prerequisite of any startup’s growth. At Nouava, we help you to increase the retention and hence the life-time value of your customers through customer segmentation based on user behaviors and characteristics. This insight will also support you in refining and implementing a more effective marketing strategy.

Data science

The more a business takes control over its data, the more its questions become specific, deep and convoluted and in order to answer these questions we need to utilize the cutting edge methods including machine learning solutions. Distancing from the usual luxury perspective, our team tries to answer real business questions using these methods in a pragmatic manner.

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