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At Nouava, we are helping talented engineers, designers, and thought leaders shape the future of startup ecosystem in Iran. So steps are ready, are you ready to climb them?

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Everybody has their own intricacies. At Nouava, we will find the right community embracing your individuality.

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We support you in pursuing your passion. Know what excites you? We’ll help you build your career around it.

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Outside of the comfort zone, jobs are more than just daily tasks, you can be somewhere that you'll thrive in.

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Nouava Internship programme was really useful for me to learn and improve my skills and abilities in various aspects throughout the path that was leading me towards the product management position.
Yasaman Yaghini
Bamilo Product Owner

Academy Program

When it comes to pursuing a career, having a hands-on experience can be a big advantage. at Nouava we will help you have hands-on responsibility to develop a breadth of skills and experiences that will enable you to fulfill your potential.

Why Work at Nouava?
In Nouava, we have brought together real-world problems originating from a vast network of startup companies and new-edge solutions offered by science and technology. This is an exciting phenomenon that you hardly find anywhere else.
Hossein Mahdikhah
Data Analyst

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Having gained a valuable set of experience, would guide you toward success. We provide the right job opportunities for those with the right expertise to facilitate the process of accompanying you in your path to find the right career.

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